FIFA 20 Icon cards represent famous football players. This is a special collection of amazing cards that all players want to have. This year’s Icons feature comes with additions but also with more transparency. Players want to know more about Icons so they can plan ahead. Icons come in four versions. Last year, players didn’t really know in advance when a certain version will come out.

This year, the versions schedule together with other info regarding Icons has been made available in advance. There will be 89 Icon cards. You can already check out some of them and their attributes. Each Icon card comes in four versions. Each version marks a certain stage in the player’s career. This will be reflected in the card’s attributes and OVR. The four versions are not simultaneously released. That’s why is important to know in advance when the next version will come out.

All Icons start with the base version. This is a basic card version and it usually marks the beginning of the player’s career. Don’t get fooled by the base label. This is still a powerful card that can be a great team addition. You can find the base version in packs starting with the release day until the middle of December. Some of the base Icon cards can be acquired from the FUT Draft that takes place at the same time.

The mid version comes after base. This represents the player when he is no longer a rookie. The mid Icon cards can be acquired starting with the game release until the middle of February 2020. Also, keep an eye on the FUT Draft to find some of the mid Icons.

The prime version represents the player at peak performance. The OVR and attributes are normally higher than base and mid. You will be able to acquire the prime Icon version starting with the middle of December 2019 until the end of the FUT 20 life cycle. You can also get some prime Icons during the FUT Draft. The last version is called moment. It represents a certain event in the player’s career such as a memorable performance, a historic goal, and so on. You will find the moment version in packs starting February 2020 and you have until the end of FIFA 20 to get it.

Some moment Icons are also available in FUT Draft. This is the best card version, so make sure to do your best and grab it. Some of the FIFA 20 Icons are the same as the FIFA 19 Icons but this doesn’t mean that their moment card will reflect the same event.

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(Contributed by Reda)