The scorching winds of South Kurzan herald a new threat in Lost Ark: the Echidna Kazeros Raid. This eight-player challenge marks the first step in confronting the looming shadow of Kazeros himself.

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Understanding the Enemy: Echidna and Her Minions


Throughout the raid, you’ll face multiple phases, each with unique mechanics to master.

Phase 1: Venomous Onslaught

  • Lotus Blooms: Lost Ark Echidna will periodically spawn Lotus Blooms around the arena. Standing within these flowers inflicts a DoT (damage over time) effect. Destroy them quickly to avoid stacking debuffs.
  • Serpent’s Grasp: Echidna lunges at a random player, attempting to grab them. Dodge this attack to avoid heavy damage and being pulled towards her, interrupting the rest of the team.
  • Venomous Barrage: Echidna unleashes a barrage of venomous projectiles. Utilize designated safe zones within the arena to avoid taking damage.

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Phase 2: Summoning the Fallen

  • Echoes of Betrayal: Echidna summons spectral adds representing those she has wronged. Focus on eliminating the adds marked with a red aura first, as they empower Lost Ark Echidna if left unchecked.
  • Desolation Field: Echidna creates a swirling vortex of dark energy. Move outside the field’s perimeter to avoid taking constant damage.
  • Wraithing Strikes: Echidna attacks rapidly with her claws, inflicting heavy damage. Utilize well-timed counters or shields to mitigate this attack.

Phase 3: Unveiling the Covetous Heart

  • Covetous Heart: Echidna reveals her true power, unleashing a devastating AoE (area of effect) attack. Utilize damage reduction skills or group shields to survive this onslaught.
  • Ensnaring Vines: Echidna summons thick vines that restrain players. Communicate and focus fire to break free of these vines quickly, allowing the team to continue the fight.
  • Mark of Desire: Lost Ark Echidna marks random players with a debuff. Players with this mark must move away from the group to avoid inflicting damage on their allies when the debuff explodes.

Mastering the Allied Forces Skill System

A unique twist on Lost Ark’s raid mechanics, the Echidna Raid introduces the Allied Forces Skill system. The raid leader can call upon powerful NPCs to aid the party throughout the encounter. These Allied Forces offer a variety of buffs, debuffs, and damage-dealing abilities to complement your team’s strategy.

Optimizing Your Team Composition

Toppling Lost Ark Echidna requires a well-oiled machine. Your team needs a healthy balance of damage dealers, supporters, and tanks. Damage dealers like Berserkers, Sharpshooters, and Shadowhunters bring the firepower to eliminate enemies quickly.

Supports like Paladins and Bards are your lifeline, keeping everyone alive and optimized with buffs, heals, and shields. Finally, tanks like Gunlancers and Scrappers play a crucial role by holding enemy aggro, ensuring the ferocious attacks are directed away from your more vulnerable teammates.