The fresh Patch Notes for Lost Ark Chaos Rising released in May 2024 bring a lot of new content, along with the highly anticipated Thaemine After Story. With a series of new events and the endgame acceleration, the Lost Ark Patch Notes Chaos Rising Update is making the hype. So ensure you have enough Lost Ark gold before joining the Chaos Rising Lost Ark  Update. In addition to that, there are some bug fixes and quality-of-life Lost Ark updates to make the game more fun to play. In this article, we are going to talk about everything that’s coming with the Lost Ark Chaos Rising Update.


Trial Guardian Raid: Hanumatan

Even though Hanumatan may not sound like something newly introduced to the Lost Ark, the Trial Guardian would be something a bit different from what you’ve done for the Guardian runs. You can always get more game coins from U7BUY to play the Trial Guardian Raid without any limitations. So here is what’s included in the Trial Guardian Raid version.

  • This version comes with reinforced skills and patterns. Hence, you may have to prepare yourself by learning new mechanics since this trial needs skills and precision.
  • The entry requirements for the normal mode are level 1600 or more. If you are going for the hard mode, then the requirement changes to 1630 or more.
  • There is no need for any book setup to set coordination or to make any adjustments.
  • No matter which mode you choose to play with, you will be awarded after the first clear.
  • If you are clearing the difficulties for the first time, you will get gold. This opportunity is available for once only per roster.
  • Trial Guardian brings new achievements, titles, and trophies.
  • To find the Trial Guardian Raid for the normal and hard mode, you can access the Party Finder.


The Thaemine After Story

If you have bypassed the Thaemine hard mode raid, you will be able to access the quest called Shadow of the Moon. You can obtain this new quest from the Knight Oscar in Luterra Caste. To specifically access this quest even more properly, here are the requirements that you have to follow.

  • You will have to clear the Thaemine hard mode raid Gate Four at least once.
  • Complete the Adento’s Legacy that represents the Voldis World Quest.
  • Complete the Prelude quest, Red Mist After Dusk of the Thaemine.


Upcoming New Adventure Island

The new adventure island by the name of Cruel Toy Castle Island is coming to the Lost Ark, which can be found at the Shushire coat with the help of Procyon’s Compass. If you’re a fan of horizontal content, then this island would be a fun place to explore for you as it will bring a new Island Soul and Mokoko Seed. In addition to that, it also brings new achievements, a new toy, and a title.


The Chaos Rising Lost Ark Update patch notes gave detailed insights about the game’s upcoming sets of events and content. Hopefully, you won’t miss out on the details, additions, and bug improvements brought to the game.