The selected squad from LaLiga Santander

Yes, it is hard to chose the best players in one of the best championships in the world. LaLiga is always at the podium, shining at the eyes of everyone that likes football, so knowing the top rated FIFA Players for FIFA 20 is a big deal. Now we can start dreaming about that perfect squad, to obliterate everyone in our patch to success at the online tournaments.

Less talk, more stats! Let me start with this dream team here:


Goalkeeper Jan Oblak from Atlético de Madrid – OVR 91


Left Back Jordi Alba from Barcelona – OVR 87

Center Back Gerard Pique from Barcelona – OVR 88

Center Back Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid – OVR 89

Right Back Dani Carvajal from Real Madrid – OVR 85


Def Mid Sergio Busquets from Barcelona – OVR 89

Center Mid Luka Modrić from Real Madrid – OVR 90

Center Mid Toni Kroos from Real Madrid – OVR 88


Left Wing Eden Hazard from Real Madrid – OVR 91

Striker Antonie Griezmann from Barcelona – OVR 89

Right Wing Lionel Messi from Barcelona – OVR 94


Beautiful, isn’t it?

As expected, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have the crushing majority of FIFA Players among the best. No surprises, to be fair, and now Messi is the top rated player in the game, with 94 OVR.


What about FUT 20?

Yes, it is beautiful and we can dream with those 11 at our squads for FUT 20, however they will cost a bloody fortune. The thing is that you will need help to compete against those that will stay 24/7 in front of the screen, playing FIFA 20 all day long. Some of us need to work! (I know, I would probably play FIFA all day if I could, but I need to eat) That’s why U7BUy offers a wide range of selected FIFA Players, just the best of the best, so you can give that extra energy for your squad. A safe and reliable service offered to those that want to stay at the very top at FUT 20.

So if you are looking for some sort of modern day Spanish armada, take a look at U7BUY’s boosts for FIFA 20 and destroy everyone with the best that LaLiga Santander has to offer.

You can also stay tuned for more news and guides for FIFA 20!


(Contributed by: Heuki)