Introduce NBA 2K20 New Throwback Moments Cards

The NBA 2K20 Throwback Moments collection has more cards for you to collect. Here are the latest additions:

Trey Burke is a 95 OVR player that has 84 outside scoring, 95 playmaking, 83 defending, 77 inside scoring, 92 athleticism, and 75 rebounding.

Keith Van Horn has 98 OVR. His stats are 81 outside scoring, 72 playmaking, 84 defending, 80 inside scoring, 87 athleticism, and 92 rebounding.

D’Angelo Russell is a player with 96 outside scoring, 96 playmaking, 86 defending, 86 inside scoring, 93 athleticism, and 86 rebounding.

Alex English has 99 OVR. The stats are 96 outside scoring, 92 playmaking, 88 defending, 92 inside scoring, 92 athleticism, and 95 rebounding.

Elton Brand has 99 OVR as well and the following stats: 87 outside scoring, 85 playmaking, 87 defending, 94 inside scoring, 90 athleticism, and 97 rebounding.

Make sure to look for these cards in League Moments Series 2 packs. The cards are available for a limited time only so be fast if you want to obtain them. Don’t forget that if you manage to evolve all the cards, you get the Evolution G.O.A.T LeBron James as a reward. You will get the pink diamond version that can also be evolved. The pink diamond card evolves into a 99 OVR galaxy opal LeBron James everything card. That’s a really nice card that you will want in your collection. Here is what you need to know about evolving cards.

You will acquire three evolution cards as follows. Emerald to sapphire has a cost of five tokens. You will pay 10 tokens for sapphire to ruby evolution. When you evolve cards from ruby to amethyst, you will pay 20 tokens. Make sure to have 35 tokens if you want to evolve amethyst cards to diamond. The diamond to pink diamond evolution will cost you 80 tokens. The last evolution phase that upgrades cards from pink diamond to galaxy opal costs 170 tokens. Did you also get the Triple Threat Online father-son cards? These were a special release for Father’s Day.

The collection includes a few selections. One has Dell Curry, Stephen Curry, and Seth Curry. The second features Rick Barry, Jon Barry, and Brent Barry. The third selection includes Larry Nance and Larry Nance Jr. The fourth selection is for Manute Bol and Bol Bol. The last selection has Doc Rivers and Austin Rivers. If you want free cards or MT coins, make sure to keep an eye out for MTStacks’ offers for NBA 2K MTs.


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NBA 2K20 – NBA Simulation Results Reveled

The NBA season may be on hold but NBA 2K20 has a solution for that. Thanks to the realistic basketball-themed gameplay, the NBA championship was simulated in the game. There will be daily simulations. Here are the results so far.

The Washington Wizards won against Oklahoma City Thunder. These are the top-performing players from the Wizards. Bradley Beal scored 27 points. Davis Bertans scored 21 points and got five rebounds. Isaac Bonga managed 14 points and five rebounds. Rui Hachimura helped his team with 12 points and 10 rebounds. Four players from the Oklahoma City Thunder got the best performances. Danilo Gallinari did 23 points and eight rebounds. Chris Paul scored 20 points; he got six assists and three steals. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander managed 18 points, five rebounds, and six assists. Steven Adams did 14 points, 17 rebounds, and five assists. The Boston Celtics won the game against the Toronto Raptors.

The Indiana Pacers won against Miami Heat. Oklahoma City Thunder won against the Denver Nuggets. Here are the players that have had the best simulated performance. Devin Booker from the Phoenix Suns scored 40 points and had eight assists. Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors scored 28 points and managed 13 assists. Nikola Jokic from the Denver Nuggets scored 30 points; he also got seven rebounds and five assists. Kawhi Leonard from the Los Angeles Clippers scored 30 points; he got seven rebounds and seven assists.

Victor Oladipo from the Indiana Pacers brought in 32 points for his team; he also did five rebounds, two assists, and two steals. Dennis Schroder from Oklahoma City Thunder scored 27 points; he did seven rebounds and six assists. Jayson Tatum from the Boston Celtics scored 24 points; he did 10 rebounds and three assists.

Some happenings and results were pretty funny or weird. For example, Kyle Lowry from the Toronto Raptors got only 16 minutes of playtime. For some reason, AI coach Nick Nurse considered it is best to replace him. Montrezl Harrell from the Los Angeles Clippers managed 12 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists. Jaylen Brown from the Boston Celtics did seven steals.

Players can take part in Spotlight Sim Challenges. This is a new activity that is based on the NBA season. It’s also a great way to pass the time while you limit social exposure as much as possible. With 150 new challenges and 33 new card rewards, you are guaranteed to keep your free time occupied in a pleasant way. And if you need NBA 2K20 MT coins, keep in mind that MTStacks is here to help.


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NBA 2K20 – Find Out Your NBA 2K20 Rating With the New Instagram Filter

Are you following NBA 2K20 on Instagram? There’s a new filter that rates you. If you ever wanted to find out what is your OVR, now’s the chance to do so. Keep in mind though that this is just for fun. Here’s is how to use it. This is a filter for the camera so you need a device that has one. If you try to follow the Twitter link and open it in a web browser it will tell you that you need a mobile device.

You will need to have the Instagram app. Open the app and tap the Search symbol on the bottom menu bar. It should be the second one after the home symbol. In the search field start typing NBA 2K20. Make sure to select the official account. It’s the one that has the small blue mark next to the name. You don’t actually need to follow the game’s profile to use the filter. You will find the URL to the filter in the profile description. Follow it and you will be prompted to download the app or open the app. This is a bit confusing since we are already accessing the URL within the app.

Choose the Open in Instagram option. The camera will open and you will notice a new filter called NBA 2K20. Select it and switch to the front camera. The filter works when it detects a face. The filter puts “What’s Your 2K Rating?” above your head. Tap once again and it will “calculate” your rating. The rating is randomly generated. You can share the picture on Instagram and with your friends. You can also delete it and take a new one. If you want a 99 rating just try it a few times.

Several NBA players and others have tried the filter as well. You can see their rating and reactions in the stories. Ronnie 2K was disappointed with his 70 rating. 2KTV host Alexis Morgan was afraid she was going to get a 60 but ended up with 90 in the end. YouTuber CashNasty got 99 and he was pretty happy about it. Another YouTuber iPodKingCarter got 85 and he wasn’t impressed at all. Coach Chris Matthews, also known as LethalShooter, who works with many NBA athletes got 89 rating. He was hoping for a 90 so he was content with the result. Cam Reddish from Atlanta Hawk got 80 and he was surprised about it. Probably because his rating is actually 73.

What do you think about the filter? Have you tried it yet? If you need more MTs for the game, visit MTStacks and you’ll find them with great price!


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NBA 2K20 – Get Your Paul George PG4 Gatorade Sneakers

NBA 2K20 has teamed with Nike to run an event that allows players to get one of a kind sneakers. The special thing about this event is that the sneakers come in a physical edition. How many times did you look at MyPlayer’s gear wishing you had it as well? Now you have the chance to get some amazing Nike sneakers.

The shoes are called Nike PG4 Paul George Gatorade. We’re sure you know who Gatorade and Paul George are. The sports-themed beverage company has partnered with Nike and created these shoes that take inspiration from the new Gatorade Gx. They have the iconic Gatorade color blue. The designers also took Paul George’s style into consideration and incorporated elements of it into the sneakers. The laces are replaced by a zipper.

Nike PG4 Paul George sneakers look great and everyone wants a pair. Unfortunately, you need to be a United States resident to be eligible to take part in this event. You also need to be 13 years old. Minors need permission from parents or legal guardians. The third requirement is to have an Android or iPhone smart device with the SNKRS app. This is a Nike app that is available for free.

You also need to be an NBA 2K20 player but we have a hunch that you already meet this condition. What you need to do is to log into the game and head to the Neighborhood. Keep an eye out for PG4 x Gatorade GE billboards.

Open the SNKRS app on your phone and scan the billboard. You will then be granted access to get a pair of sneakers. This works in the same way as with the other Nike promotions that are part of this event. You get access that allows you to purchase a pair of sneakers. Only a limited number of shoes are available so not everyone gets the chance to obtain them. The game offers players a shot at getting some unique shoes. Also, note that you might be scanning the billboard and nothing happens. You will unlock the purchase only if you are eligible.

Supposing that you are and you followed the steps, you will be directed to a page that allows you to place an order for the sneakers. All this is done within the app. The promotion runs for one week. Good luck!

If you miss the opportunity to get the sneakers, don’t worry because MTStacks has many great deals for you that last longer than one week. Check out MTStacks NBA 2K store now!


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NBA 2K20 downloads a patch by mistake in Stadia; they are working on solving it

One of the main innovations and improvements of Google Stadia, the service of video games in the cloud of the technological giant of Mountain View, was the disappearance of the patches, the updates and the uncomfortable downloads of dozens of gigabytes of data before playing. However, it seems that the developers have not yet understood the concept well, and titles like NBA 2K20 have been put to download a patch by mistake in Stadia, preventing users from enjoying the title correctly. 2K Sports has reported that it is working to fix it.

Wait a minute, a patch on Stadia?
This reddit user has been stunned when, while playing NBA 2K20 in Stadia, the video game began to erroneously and compulsively download a patch. A patch that, we reiterate, should not exist in the version of this title for the Google platform because it lacks local hardware or physical storage device to host it. Although obviously 2K can update its game on Stadia servers, and it is a usual procedure, both the developer companies and Google itself used patches, waiting and tedious installations as an aspect to avoid consoles and PC, highlighting They would be part of the past in streaming.
“We continue to work diligently with the developer on this issue. We are looking to have another update that you can enjoy after the Thanksgiving holiday. Meanwhile, NBA 2K can be played correctly after a small update. Thank you for your patience!” 2K quickly to see how the post quickly went viral and affirming that, although it should not be seen on the screen, it is true that his basketball game, strongly criticized by micropayments and its lack of quality in this edition, was improving so remote At the same time, Google began to clarify that everything was an error, and that a bar and a message that the end user of the system should not see was shown.
“Thank you for informing us of this. This is an in-game error that shows an unwanted screen. We are actively working with the developer to fix it, and we will stop by to report everything once there is an update,” wrote the own Google on reddit. Google Stadia, one of the most ambitious and important projects of the company, offers streaming games, without local hardware of any kind, at great quality.
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