NBA 2K22 soundtrack leaked before announcement

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After the leaks this morning, we did get confirmation from the artists who will appear on the NBA 2K22 soundtrack. We can see the songs added long after the release date. This also includes a small group of new names that worked with United Masters, as well as new details about how Seasons will integrate with the soundtrack and see new songs added throughout the year. We have here full details about each artist, new seasonal changes, predictions of which songs will be selected, etc.


NBA 2K22 soundtrack leaked

Seven minutes ahead of the supposed unveiling-it seems we know which artists will come to the NBA 2K22 soundtrack. Travis Scott, The Game, Megan Thee Stallion, Migos, Aitch, Jack Haarlow, Juice WRLD and Nas were the headlines. Judging from the infamous NBA 2K leaked account @2KIntel, the original soundtrack will be announced on Wednesday, August 4th at 10 am Eastern Time / 3 pm British Summer Time.


NBA 2K21 Soundtrack

NBA 2K21 has two original soundtracks-one is Current Gen (PS4 & Xbox One) and the other is Next Gen (PS5 & Xbox Series X|S). The Current Gen soundtrack contains The Weeknd’s big song Blinding Lights, as well as tracks by Jucie WRLD, Stormzy, A$AP Ferg, and Tory Lanez. In addition, the song “Kobe” by Dame DOLLA, Snoop Dogg and Derrick Milano also pays tribute to Kobe.


There are more tracks in the Next Gen soundtrack, and songs are constantly being added to the game-the playlist now contains more than 400 songs! Tame Impala, Dave, and A Tribe Called Quest are all distinctive, and the Next Gen soundtrack provides a place for new artists to achieve breakthroughs.


The best 2K tracks of all time

Over the years, the NBA 2K series has had some certified sticks, and we focus on the top five here. Amazing Kanye West ft. Young Jeezy (NBA 2K13). As the actual track used by the NBA during the 2009 playoffs, this Kanye track has appeared in many 2K games and has provided support for the NBA 2K10 trailer. Kanye West’s All of the Lights ft. Rihanna & Kid Cudi (NBA 2K14)

Kanye West has consolidated himself and one of the greatest modern artists with absolute tunes. Over the years, his soundtrack has included a more modern song.

Rosa Parks of OutKast (NBA 2K17)

It’s not one of OutKast’s biggest songs, but you can’t deny its brilliance. It’s perfect for 2K soundtracks.

A Tribe Called Quest scene (NBA 2K15)

It was released as early as 1992, and this retro tune did not appear until NBA 2K15, and we are very happy that it did.


NBA 2K21 Kevin Huerter’s Card Agendas

Season 8, Trial of Champions has been flooded with plenty of outstanding ‘Galaxy Opal’ player cards for you to unlock in NBA 2K21.


As the season comes closer to its penultimate ending in a matter of weeks, it’s now or never for you to catch up on many of your favourite basketball player cards to date!


Just recently, another basketball player has also received a massive boost to his in-game player card.


Meet Atlanta Hawks’ future superstar, Kevin Huerter!


Huerter is a very talented Shooting Guard or Small Forward, depending on the team’s overall setup and plays.


Here, you can see some of his best stats which have been improved upon:


Kevin Huerter’s ‘Galaxy Opal’ Season Rewind Player Card: OVR 98


  • 3-Point Shot (Outside Scoring): 96
  • Mid-Shot (Outside Scoring): 95
  • Offensive Consistency (Outside Scoring): 95
  • Stamina (Athleticism): 95
  • Hands (Inside Scoring): 95
  • Defensive Consistency (Defence): 95


Kevin Huerter is a dependable basketball player in both offensive and defensive situations, but he is more at home at playing towards the opposition hoops to score points or provide layups.


If you are keen of recruiting Huerter into your current MyTeam (MT) squad today, you will need to complete five (5) Player Agendas first:


  • Accomplish twenty-five (25) Reboundsusing Atlanta Hawks players across multiple games of any mode.


  • Score one hundred twenty-five (125) Pointsusing Atlanta Hawks players across multiple games of Triple Threat or Triple Threat Online.


  • Achieve twenty (20) Assistsusing Atlanta Hawks players across multiple games of Multiplayer.


  • Block fifteen (15) timesusing Atlanta Hawks players across multiple games of Triple Threat or Triple Threat Online.


  • Steal the ball fifteen (15) timesusing Atlanta Hawks players across multiple games of any mode.


After reviewing all these agendas, unlocking Huerter into your MT squad is as simple as playing Atlanta Hawks consistently in NBA 2K21, until you complete all the objectives.


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