NBA 2K20 is available to play on Google Stadia. It is one of the first games that can be played on Google’s cloud gaming platform. This is a new way of experiencing the game. The service is currently available in 14 countries. If you are interested in trying it out, there are a couple of things you need to know first. Obviously, you have to own an NBA 2K20 edition. Luckily for you, Stadia launched just in time for Black Friday. As part of a limited time offer, you can get the game for a discounted price. The standard edition costs $30, the digital deluxe version costs $40, and the legend edition is $50. Prices may differ based on where in the world you are located and the local conversion rates. This offer lasts until December 3rd. If you are interested in giving NBA 2K20 a go on Stadia, don’t postpone it any longer and make use of this offer. As you can see, these prices represent a 50% cut from the usual price so it’s a very good deal.

When you buy NBA 2K20, or any other Stadia game, you instantly gain access to it. You don’t need to download anything. The game becomes playable from the moment you purchase it. In addition to the game, you will also need a Stadia subscription to be able to access the service. You can find more about the available offers on their website. So how exactly does it work? You subscribe to Stadia, buy the game you want to play, and then set it up. You can play on any screen provided you have a stable Internet connection. You don’t need to download the game, just connect to Stadia on a device of your choice and begin playing. TVs, computers, laptops, and even mobile devices work with Stadia. A word of caution, keep in mind that it consumes a lot of data. When it comes to resolution, Stadia supports 4K and 1080p so there’s nothing to worry about on this front. If you have a friend that has Stadia, maybe you could interest them in NBA 2K20, especially now with these reduced prices. What are you going to do? Switch to Stadia or remain faithful to your current gaming device?

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