If you want to get massive amount of NBA 2K23 MT to get an upper hand, be sure to visit A6K now! Season 4 of NBA 2K23 promises to be big, and the Lunar New Year promo is one of the biggest contributor. We know there will be three two-week promos this season and this is a great way to get started.


What makes this promo so unique? Maybe it’s 10 players offered for takeover, one every weekday for the duration of the event, or maybe it’s Galaxy Opal Yi Jianlian. Let’s get down everything you need to know about the Lunar New Year promo just in case you didn’t pay attention to! Now that NBA 2K23 is in its fourth season, the programs for the Lunar New Year event have aired! You can get 24,500 XP if you can complete the following tasks:


Smith’s Points 4,000 XP: Earn 30 points with Joe Smith’s Lunar New Year reward twice

Conley Assists 4,000 XP: Get 10 Lunar New Year Award Player Assists, Mile Conley 2 twice

LNY Points 2,500 XP: Earn 125 points with Lunar New Year rewarded players

LNY Rebounds 2,500 XP: Get 30 rebounds with LNY players

LNY Assists 2,500 XP: Get 40 assists with LNY players

OO LYN Double-Double 2,500XP: Get 1 double-double with LNY players

LNY TT/TTO Wins 1,500XP: Win 3 Triple Threat with LNY players

LNY CT/CTO Wins 2,000XP: Win 2 Clutch Time games with LNY players

Win LNY 3,000XP


The Lunar New Year event in NBA 2K23 will begin with Season 4 kicking off on Friday, January 13th. It will last for two weeks, so you will have enough time to complete all the capture objectives, complete the action plans, and take advantage of the rewards on offer.