A6K offers you 2K23 MT PS4 at best price, you will get your coins delivered instantly. The first week Season 3 Limited finally arrived, let’s take a closer look at the event. The rewards for this week are great and you definitely want to get them all. Here’s how you can create your squad at the beginning of Season 3. In the first week of NBA 2K23 Season 3 Limited in MyTEAM, you will be able to add some Diamonds cards and some Amethyst to your team.


The Pink Diamond Allan Houston will be ready for you this week, but the target is the MyTEAM Options Pack. The Limited Event will only last through the weekend, if you want to take part, you’ll need to field your roster quickly. If you do not have time to put it up in time, you may miss the chance to get the available rewards.


You can use the roster tool to assure your Week 1 team meets all the requirements. We’ll go over the details below, but remember you should not try to use free agent cards. The event will run from Friday, December 2nd through Sunday, December 4th. This is how much time you will have to join the event. Be sure to follow the rules: you should Use 2 Diamonds, 2 Amethysts, and not use Free Agent cards.


Once you’ve decided on your roster, you’ll be ready to hit the Limited courts in this Week 1 event. The level 40 reward is the Galaxy Opal Trae Young, an item that is desired by some players. However, during the season, you will see many other cards hitting the market in various packs or capture programs.