miHoYo’s critically acclaimed RPG Gacha Game is coming with a brand new update that is sure to bring a variety of latest content ranging from flagship events to new limited-time character banners. With a global release imminent on May 8, 2024, HoYoVerse has rolled out a pre-installation Honkai Star Rail update for the platforms of iOS, Android, PC, and PlayStation 5.


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What is the size for Honkai Star Rail Update 2.2?

HoYoVerse games Honkai Star Rail updates are a huge chunk, that fact is undisputed, and it will take a lot of time just to download this pre-installation patch. Not to mention, the post-update patches that will be rolled out to fix any bugs present in the game.


Getting back to the elephant in the room, for PC and PS5, the Honkai Star Rail update size will be roughly around 16 GB on PC, whereas for iOS and Android devices the Honkai Star Rail update size will be 12 GB. It’s noteworthy to mention here that the Voice Pack Installation demands more storage, so be sure to keep an ample amount of space for this huge chunk of an Honkai Star Rail update!


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What is the Pre-Installation Process for the Honkai Star Rail Update?

Once you are done with the lengthy Honkai Star Rail update, you should be able to enter the pre-installation process on the choice of platform that you will be playing Honkai Star Rail on, whether it is any iOS or Android device, or even a PC or a PlayStation 5.


We’ll go over the step-by-step procedure for the pre-installation on PC and PS5 where first, you launch the Honkai Star Rail client on your PC and find the Game Pre-Installation button located next to the play button. You clock on the pre-installation button to open up a pop-up window, and this is where the resource package size and the space required to unzip the file will be specified. Once you press confirm, the download will begin! For PS5, you just press the options button and click on Check for Honkai Star Rail Updates to have the latest patch automatically installed.


For mobile devices, you should boot up Honkai Star Rail, proceed to the login screen, and find the Resource Pre-Download button on the bottom right of the screen, where a pop-up window will open specifying the size of this patch. Click on Confirm, and it will start downloading. You will be good to go, then!