The World Cup has reached its end. The football season ends, almost at the same time the next one begins. During this competition, players are measured much more in short, but also more valued if they manage to have a great role during the competition and stand out above the rest.

This has caused that the two finalist selections have been valued and received like great rivals. On the one hand, the current World Champion has stood out for her safe play and her vertiginous attack. Griezmann, Mbappe, Kanté … all these players have been revalued thanks to the World Cup.

They will be the last special cards

However, the Croatian players have also come out very well. Despite losing in the final 4-2, their participation in the tournament has been seen with a very good eye and praised by all the connoisseurs of this sport. The highlight would be his midfield, consisting of Ivan Rakitić and Luka Modric.

Despite this, there are many players who have also had their presence. EA wanted to reward the best players in the World Cup with special cards, possibly one of the last we will have before FIFA 19.

Modric as World Cup Golden Ball, Griezmann as MVP of the final, Harry Kane as top scorer and Thibaut Courtois as the goalkeeper with the fewest goals scored have been rewarded with special cards. In addition, the players of the French team have also seen their statistics improved as a prize for the World Championship.

The end of the story, FIFA 18 won´t be getting new FIFA 19 Players cards when FIFA 19 arrives, so go get the last ones!