There are many “BEST BEGINNER GUIDE” videos, articles, and posts that you can find online right now about Honkai: Star Rail, however – the tips we’ll discuss here aren’t really talked about all that much anywhere else. They will mostly focus on the “New Player Experience”, but there might be some cool tips that even veterans didn’t know about, so stay tuned for those. You might not need this if you plan on using Honkai Top Up services to boost your account, though.

Tip No. #1

Ultimate Energy Regenerates from getting hit. Yup, you heard that right. Not many players know or notice this that much since, well… it mostly affects Tank characters because they get hit a lot thanks to their inherent taunt value and who cares about tanks, right? But… let’s say you’re in the early game and you don’t have a preservation character yet, and your team looks something like Trailblazer, Dan Heng, March 7th, and Himeko.


If you use the March 7th shield on Dan Heng, it’ll up his Taunt level and force enemies to attack him, giving him 5-20 Energy each time he gets hit… which is crazy.


It should be stated that you shouldn’t use this in “Dangerous” fights, but for the most part – forcing enemies to attack your Hunt or Erudition characters to get them more energy faster is a solid tactic to go for.


Tip No. #2

Repeat Simulated Universe (Even if you’re done with the weekly bonuses from it).


Again, not many players know this – but repeating SU runs will give you a ton of materials for leveling up your relics and characters even if you’ve already claimed all the weekly bonuses from it. Not only that, but while exploring the Worlds in SU you might come across new Curios and you can trade these in for 30 Stellar Jades.


But wait, there’s more – You can also get Herta Bonds by exploring new worlds, which are used to redeem some of the best F2P 5* Weapons/Lightcones in the game. There are 5 Lightcones you can get this way, and at least 3 of them are really good (Destruction, The Hunt, and Preservation are the good ones you want to get).


Tip No. #3

This might not be new to Genshin players, but if you’re new to this genre – be careful of how you use your Trailblaze power (Your “Energy” for activities). Namely – the higher your Equilibrium level (your World Level, so to speak), the harder the game will be – but it will also give you a lot more rewards.


Let’s say you’re in the early game, your EQLVL is 1, and you’re nearing EQLVL2. It’s Monday and you go to claim your Weekly Boss rewards… that’d be a mistake.


Instead, you should wait a bit and increase your EQ to LVL2 as it will raise your Weekly Boss rewards (and rewards from anything else you do in the game), and then go ahead and do your Weeklies.


This also goes for using “Fuel” to regenerate your Trailblaze Power. You should save those up until your EQLVL is at the maximum for the most optimal rewards.



These were just some relatively unknown tips and tricks for Honkai Star Rail! We hope that they help you out and good luck on your pulls.