Make things more interesting with all the Utility SKills for Old School RuneScape. Almost all the skills from this group require a “Members-Only” account (except for Firemaking). As a result, you need to invest some real money to grab them all.


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At first glance, you could think that this Utility Skill doesn’t make a difference. One of the changes is the option to increase the run energy restoration. However, as you get more points in Agility, you will see many benefits in-game.


First, you can move around shortcuts around Old School RuneScape. You can skip minutes as you move between maps through these designated spots. More importantly, you can access unique dungeons with new threats and astonishing drops.


Lastly, you can equip the Graceful outfit, which gives you weight reduction and more run energy restoration.


The developers at Jagex had one purpose when they added this Utility Skill for Old School RuneScape: to increase immersion. Construction’s focus is allowing you to manage a tiny virtual space that your champion can call “home.”


When you use a portal to travel to your house, you will see many ways to improve the establishment. You can add furniture and place them around the area. Furthermore, you can add additional services like servants.


You’ll need to invest tons of materials and Gold Pieces. Luckily, you can grab OSRS GP from U7BUY and build as much as you’d like and as quickly as possible. Leave all the “farm” behind and enjoy all the enthralling parts of Old School RuneScape without any worries.


Grab a tinderbox and any combustible and start fires anywhere in the virtual world. Similarly, for the Agility skill we already discussed, the concept might look simple for any MMO player, but Firemaking will make things easier for you.


For example, you can begin fishing, grab tons of fish, make a fire, start cooking your meals, and eat your food. Between it all, you will reduce the traveling time and increase three skills simultaneously.


Increase your “to-do” lists after you improve the Slayer Skill on your account. With this Utility Skill, you will have more monsters to hunt and better loot from these targets.


Also, you can improve your Combat Skills as you fight many unusual targets inside Old School RuneScape.


There’s nothing else easier than grabbing all those goods that some people don’t need. Indeed, often, that translates into “borrowing” money from NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) and using it for the greater good. Who knows, you could use that extra Gold Pieces to grab a better sword and save an entire village.