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How Close To The NBA 2K23 Season 1 Trophy Case Centerpiece Are You?


The Trophy Case allows players to acquire their first Dark Matter and Galaxy Opal item cards. We have 15 event cards for each franchise. These cards represent various achievements. The Centerpiece Trophy is a rare accomplishment. Each team has one. You can see it in the middle of the collection. We bet that you have already set your eyes on it. It’s not easy to obtain it. To complete this seasonal objective, one must score wins in various modes. You need to win 250 games in Triple Threat mode. In Clutch Time, you have to get rewards for 100 wins. This goal can also be completed in Clutch Time Online. In Triple Threat Online, you need to score 100 wins. The alternative is to complete the Dark Matter tier in Unlimited mode. Should you put a checkmark on all these goals, you will receive a card. You will use it in the Exchange. It will allow you to access a Centerpiece Trophy Option pack. This is where you can select the Centerpiece Trophy of your choice. All the Trophy Case sets converge to an amazing reward. We are talking about a Pink Diamond card. Each NBA team has such a card. If you acquire enough of these cards to make a full division you will get Galaxy Opal items. These are the first cards of this type that you can earn in this year’s MyTeam. This is the starting point for Dark Matter players in the seasons that will come. Dark Matter cards will be acquired as a reward for three Galaxy Opal cards. The final reward is a Dark Matter card that represents Larry Bird. Don’t wait another minute to get the prize packs that allow you to acquire Trophy case cards. You can complete the Series 1 sets with tokens. You will earn three star prizes in this season’s Domination tier. This will get you more Trophy Case items. The Agenda Group prizes also grant Trophy Case rewards.