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As the NBA Finals draw to a close, we can get more news on NBA 2K23’s release date. We can even see who will be the cover athlete.

While we don’t know much right now, we do have a few things to reveal to players who are preparing for the match.

So, let’s take a look at the upcoming NBA 2K23 release date.

Update – Cover Athlete Odds Revealed

Since everyone wants to know who will be on the cover of NBA 2K23, bookmakers seem to be thinking too.
Leading the odds is NBA MVP Nikola Jokic at +125. It’s not too surprising, but we think it’s going to be someone in the NBA Finals.

Let’s take a look at the current NBA 2K23 cover athlete odds:

Nikola Jokic +125

Joel Embiid +200

Jayson Tatum +400

Stephen Curry +500

Ja Morant +600

Devin Booker +2500

LaMelo Ball +2500

Trae Young +2500

NBA 2K23 Release Date

The expected release date for NBA 2K23 is September 9, 2022, due to some pretty consistent timings over the past few years.

For the past four years, the NBA 2K franchise has released every issue on a Friday near early September.
NBA 2K19 was released on September 7, 2018, NBA 2K20 was released on September 6, 2019, NBA 2K21 was released on September 4, 2020, and most recently NBA 2K22 was released in September 2021 Released on the 10th.

Only one of those games didn’t land on the first Friday of the month, and 2K apparently decided September 3, 2021 was a bit premature, opting instead for September 10. With that, we’re expecting NBA 2K23’s release date to follow this pattern, arriving on September 9, 2022.

Reveal Trailer should announce cover athletes and start pre-orders

We can expect the first big reveal of NBA 2K23 to come in June or July 2022, and 2K tends to drop something right away.

Pre-orders for NBA 2K23 will likely open alongside the first trailer, which will also give us our first look at this year’s cover star!

Will NBA 2K23 have a demo, trial or early access?

Unfortunately, most fans will likely find themselves waiting until NBA 2K23’s official release date to actually get their hands on the game.

While other major sports games in recent years have gone through trials or demos before launch and paired them with early access for players who pre-ordered special editions, 2K has strayed from that model and its flagship franchises.

There is no demo, trial, or early access for players of any kind for NBA 2K22, and we may see NBA 2K23 continue.

Either way, we should get word about Early Access when each version of the game is announced and pre-orders go live, as any Early Access will be noted in the version-specific rewards.