The NBA 2K20 Throwback Moments collection has more cards for you to collect. Here are the latest additions:

Trey Burke is a 95 OVR player that has 84 outside scoring, 95 playmaking, 83 defending, 77 inside scoring, 92 athleticism, and 75 rebounding.

Keith Van Horn has 98 OVR. His stats are 81 outside scoring, 72 playmaking, 84 defending, 80 inside scoring, 87 athleticism, and 92 rebounding.

D’Angelo Russell is a player with 96 outside scoring, 96 playmaking, 86 defending, 86 inside scoring, 93 athleticism, and 86 rebounding.

Alex English has 99 OVR. The stats are 96 outside scoring, 92 playmaking, 88 defending, 92 inside scoring, 92 athleticism, and 95 rebounding.

Elton Brand has 99 OVR as well and the following stats: 87 outside scoring, 85 playmaking, 87 defending, 94 inside scoring, 90 athleticism, and 97 rebounding.

Make sure to look for these cards in League Moments Series 2 packs. The cards are available for a limited time only so be fast if you want to obtain them. Don’t forget that if you manage to evolve all the cards, you get the Evolution G.O.A.T LeBron James as a reward. You will get the pink diamond version that can also be evolved. The pink diamond card evolves into a 99 OVR galaxy opal LeBron James everything card. That’s a really nice card that you will want in your collection. Here is what you need to know about evolving cards.

You will acquire three evolution cards as follows. Emerald to sapphire has a cost of five tokens. You will pay 10 tokens for sapphire to ruby evolution. When you evolve cards from ruby to amethyst, you will pay 20 tokens. Make sure to have 35 tokens if you want to evolve amethyst cards to diamond. The diamond to pink diamond evolution will cost you 80 tokens. The last evolution phase that upgrades cards from pink diamond to galaxy opal costs 170 tokens. Did you also get the Triple Threat Online father-son cards? These were a special release for Father’s Day.

The collection includes a few selections. One has Dell Curry, Stephen Curry, and Seth Curry. The second features Rick Barry, Jon Barry, and Brent Barry. The third selection includes Larry Nance and Larry Nance Jr. The fourth selection is for Manute Bol and Bol Bol. The last selection has Doc Rivers and Austin Rivers. If you want free cards or MT coins, make sure to keep an eye out for MTStacks’ offers for NBA 2K MTs.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)