NBA 2K21 – Check Out The Players From The Promo Pack

NBA 2K21 players who have pre-ordered the game got special packs as a bonus. These packs are called Promo packs and they’ve just become available. Let’s take a look at the content of these packs.

DeMarcus Cousins is a 92 OVR player. His position is center and his stats are 91 inside scoring, 81 outside scoring, 65 playmaking, 81 athleticism, 78 defending, and 92 rebounding.

Corey Maggette is a small forward. He has 91 OVR with 76 inside scoring, 87 outside scoring, 75 playmaking, 85 athleticism, 75 defending, and 54 rebounding.

Jayson Tatum has 88 OVR. He is a small forward with the following stats: 70 inside scoring, 80 outside scoring, 74 playmaking, 78 athleticism, 75 defending, and 76 rebounding.

Marc Gasol has 88 OVR and his position is center. Gasol has 87 inside scoring, 79 outside scoring, 60 playmaking, 65 athleticism, 83 defending, and 81 rebounding.

Deandre Ayton has 88 OVR. His position is center/power forward and he has 65 outside scoring, 86 inside scoring, 76 defending, 79 athleticism, 49 playmaking, and 89 rebounding.

Chris Paul is an 88 OVR player with the point guard position. His attributes are 87 outside scoring, 75 inside scoring, 85 defending, 79 athleticism, 90 playmaking, and 54 rebounding.

Rudy Gobert is another player in Promo pack. His OVR is 88. This center player comes with 55 outside scoring, 79 inside scoring, 85 defending, 72 athleticism, 31 playmaking, and 88 rebounding.

Kobe Bryant has the shooting guard/small forward position. This 85 OVR player has 77 outside scoring, 79 inside scoring, 76 defending, 80 athleticism, 77 playmaking, and 59 rebounding.

Another 85 OVR player is Zion Williamson. He has power forward/center position. His stats are 68 outside scoring, 76 inside scoring, 68 defending, 83 athleticism, 65 playmaking, and 78 rebounding. Damian Lillard has 85 OVR and point guard/shooting guard position. His stats are 78 outside scoring, 71 inside scoring, 70 defending, 81 athleticism, 83 playmaking, and 57 rebounding.

If you are looking for more players, don’t forget about the new Flash packs as well. Brandon Roy with 85 OVR is one of the players that you can get from these packs. He is a shooting guard/small forward with 89 outside scoring, 90 inside scoring, 80 defending, 88 athleticism, 81 playmaking, and 53 rebounding. Kevin Durant is a small forward/power forward with 92 OVR and 87 outside scoring, 82 inside scoring, 75 defending, 81 athleticism, 79 playmaking, and 67 rebounding. Boris Diaw OVR 91 and Brian Scalabrine OVR 89 are also in Flash packs.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

You Might Play NBA 2K21 On Next-Gen In November

(Cover photo by BBC)

NBA 2K21 was already confirmed for next-gen consoles, but as we don’t have a release date for either PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X we cannot tell for sure when we will be able to play the game on these machines. However, an official announcement from Xbox came to confirm that the new Microsoft console will launch in November.

Once again, the exact date is not yet known, but at least we have a more specific time frame. NBA 2K21 launches for current-gen in September. This leads us to think that the new NBA 2K game will be available on the next-gen in November. The list of the games that will be playable on the Xbox Series X on launch day was not yet revealed, but we are confident that NBA 2K21 will be part of the titles that are available on day one.

NBA 2K21 comes with a dual entitlement deal. This means that if you get the special edition, Mamba Forever, for current-gen you get a copy of the game for next-gen for free. When you get this edition, you will receive a digital version of the game for the console you have purchased the Mamba Forever edition. If you opt for the physical edition, you will get the code for the next-gen version in the box.

The NBA 2K21 FAQ states that the game will be playable when the console launches. This is a hint that you will be able to play it the moment the console becomes available. Take note that you also receive 100,000 VC when you launch the game on your next-gen console for the first time. We don’t have any information about the PlayStation 5 release so we don’t know when you will be able to play on Sony’s next console. All we know about the PS5 is that it will launch later this year.

Details about the new game are yet to be announced. We know that Damian Lillard is the cover star of the global edition and Kobe Bryant is on the cover of the special edition. We have a current-gen trailer that accurately depicts how the sports world changed in the past months. The game’s soundtrack is available for free on Spotify so you can enjoy the tunes before the game is released.

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NBA 2K21 is coming to Google Stadia this year

Google Stadia’s catalogue of games is growing by the day and, in the most recent press release, it was confirmed that NBA 2K21 will be available on Google Stadia on the release date. What that means is you’ll be able to play NBA 2K21 on your mobile phone, Chromecast or PC as long as you’re subscribed to Stadia and have a stable internet connection.

NBA 2K20 was one of the first major titles to debut on Stadia when it was initially released for public earlier this year. So it was expected for NBA 2K21 to release on Stadia as well. However, during the Stadia Connect showcase, Google showcased current-gen box art for NBA 2K21 on Stadia. This is a subtle hint to the fact that the NBA 2K21 on Stadia will be more akin to its current-gen counterparts from Sony and Microsoft. Next-gen graphics for NBA 2K21 are, at the moment, reserved for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Stadia launched in November 2019 in fourteen countries: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and at that time, limited to the Pro tier users. By 2020, Google plans to expand Stadia to more countries. If you’re living in one of the supported regions, then you can access NBA 2K21 with Stadia on compatible devices.

NBA 2K21 is the latest title in the world-renowned, best-selling NBA 2K series, delivering an industry-leading sports video game experience. With best-in-class graphics and gameplay, competitive and community online features, and deep, varied game modes, NBA 2K21 offers one-of-a-kind immersion into all facets of NBA basketball and culture – where Everything is Game.

The immensely popular Career mode and MyTeam mode will return on the NBA 2K21 with improved mechanics. You can create you own dream team and, with Stadia, keep up with it everywhere you go. You won’t be bound by wires to keep up with your team with Stadia, unlike your regular consoles or PC. If you’re really dedicated to growing your team, you should consider investing in MT Coins, a virtual in-game currency that allows you to unlock new players.

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