The world’s most popular free-to-play tactical first-person shooter game, Valorant, is already making waves with its current build on PC and is reported to have announced a port of the ever-popular Valorant for Android and iPhone mobiles! The wait may be shorter than expected, and while Riot Games remains tight-lipped about the whole affair regarding the mobile release’s specific launch date, recent developments suggest that it could arrive much sooner than expected.

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All the details revealed so far regarding Valorant Mobile

So far, the only significant details that we know regarding Valorant Mobile is that China’s National Press and Publication Administration, the body which oversees and regulates China’s video games sector, which is also known as the NPAA, have given their approval of Valorant Mobile, officially.


This removes a hurdle for the release of Valorant Mobile but does this mean that should we expect a global launch soon? We explore the options and the implications of whether you should clear some space on your phone just yet or not.

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Back to the main news, the approval of Valorant Mobile in China from the NPPA means that the launch is closer than ever, and while the game is definitely on track for launch, no solid release date has been given from Riot Games so far.

Any other leaks about Valorant Mobile?

Now, China holds a huge Valorant player base and has one of the world’s biggest mobile gaming communities, which could be a primary reason that Valorant is looking to capitalize on these numbers with the mobile port of the popular FPS title.


The new image leaks have surfaced, and the game’s serial number is 13, and the title for this project is known as “Valorant: Operation Primal”. There are other fields of the photo that are written with names such as the “Shanghai Literature and Art Audiovisual Electronic Publishing House Co. Ltd.” and “Shenxiang (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd.” – which might be in charge of the publishing of the mobile port of Valorant in China.

It also contains the date June 5, 2024, which is likely when the game was approved in the country.


The Mobile Port of Valorant would definitely add to the overall enthralling experience of the game towards more new players, and with the announcement of a console port of Valorant, things are looking pretty bright for players and fans of this game!