Valorant’s Episode 8 Act 1 shook up the sniper meta by introducing the Outlaw. This unique double-barreled sniper rifle offers a compelling alternative to the established Marshal and Operator, catering to a more aggressive playstyle.

The Outlaw Valorant fires two shots in rapid succession without re-scope, making it ideal for players who want to take down enemies quickly or peek at corners for information. Unlike the Operator, which rewards precise, one-shot headshots, the Valorant Outlaw thrives on controlled aggression and strategic positioning.

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Cost and Acquisition


At a price point of 2400 credits, the Valorant Outlaw sits comfortably between the Marshal (1100 credits) and the Operator (5000 credits). This mid-tier cost reflects the gun’s unique strengths and weaknesses. It offers more firepower and wall penetration than the Marshal but lacks the Operator’s one-shot kill potential.

This Valorant new sniper excels on maps with medium to long sightlines like Ascent or Breeze, where you can peek corners and take aggressive fights without needing to rely solely on perfect headshots.

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Here are some scenarios where the Valorant Outlaw might be a good buy:

  • You’re confident in your ability to land quick, successive shots.
  • Your team needs a weapon to break enemy setups on choke points.
  • You want a more forgiving sniper option that rewards body shots.
  • You don’t have enough credits for a full Operator but still want a powerful sniper.

Breakdown of Key Features

  • Double-Barrel Design: The defining characteristic of the Valorant Outlaw is its ability to fire two shots in quick succession. This allows for faster peek shooting and the potential to take down enemies before they can react.
  • High Wall Penetration: Similar to the Operator, the Valorant Outlaw boasts impressive wall penetration damage. This makes it effective for wallbangs and taking down enemies hiding behind thin cover.
  • Bodyshot Damage: Unlike the Operator, which requires headshots for a one-shot kill, the Valorant Outlaw can eliminate enemies with well-placed body shots, especially at closer ranges. This makes it a more forgiving option for players who are still refining their sniper skills.

The Valorant Outlaw vs. The Other Snipers

The Valorant Outlaw carves out a unique space in Valorant’s sniper landscape. We will compare both of the snipers below, to help players get a better idea:

  • Marshal vs. ValorantOutlaw: The Marshal is a more budget-friendly option that rewards precise headshots. If you prioritize accuracy over rate of fire, the Marshal might be a better choice. However, the Valorant Outlaw offers more forgiveness with its body shot damage and quicker firing capability.
  • Operator vs. Outlaw: The Operator remains the king of long-range dominance and guarantees a kill with a well-placed shot. However, the Operator’s high cost and unforgiving nature make it less suitable for aggressive playstyles.

A Meta-Shifting Weapon

The Outlaw has caused a new twist in the Valorant sniper meta. Its bold fighting style pushes for map dominance and fast choices, providing an appealing option compared to the standard snipers. By practicing and knowing well its pros and cons, you can control this double-barreled beast effectively and become powerful on the field of battle.