The Pool Workshop is a holiday-themed 8 Ball Pool season that features a special event, time-limited activities, and rewards such as an upgradeable animated cue.

U7Buy is a reputable vendor that offers 8 Ball Pool coins at cheap prices! A new 8 Ball Pool season has begun. And because we are in December this is a holiday-themed event bringing the festive spirit to our pool tables. We have exclusive activities and content to unwrap. Missions, time-limited events, and daily prizes await us.

Complete the 8 Ball Pool Holiday Event for a Special Animated Cue

The current 8 Ball Pool season presents players with an unmissable opportunity to grab rewards and celebrate the winter festivities. A new special event awards an animated cue. This prize cannot be obtained from other activities, so you’d better make time for it if you want to show off a one-of-a-kind cue. During this special event, you will take part in missions and open Victory Boxes. The cue can be upgraded. This event begins on December 13th and goes away on January 3rd. You have several weeks to get your cue. If you are willing to spend some 8 Ball Pool coins, you can acquire it faster. Now let’s turn our attention towards other time-limited events that expire much faster.

Don’t Miss These Quick 8 Ball Pool Time-Limited Seasonal Activities

The Lost Gift Win Streak event runs from December 15th until December 18th. The Wishes Wins streak even begins on December 22nd. The Happy Holidays Championship starts on December 25th and is available for three days. Many people have time off for the winter holidays. Even though this is a busy time of the year, you will surely spare a few minutes to participate in this winter-themed championship. As one 8 Ball Pool event ends, another begins. Just in time to welcome 2024, the New Year Special Tournament kicks off on December 29th and ends on the last day of the year. The holiday cheer usually subsides come January, but the merry time is not over yet. Wrapping up the 8 Ball Pool holiday season, the last event begins on December 31st and lasts until January 3rd.


8 Ball Pool Seasonal Pass and Rewards

The new 8 Ball Pool seasonal pass begins on December 13th and lasts for three weeks. As you rank up in the seasonal pass, you will collect showdown tickets. These tickets provide a way to increase your winning odds in games. The more matches you win, the better leaderboard positions you will have. Will you climb the ranks and obtain this season’s cup? Who doesn’t love freebies? Each festive day in 8 Ball Pool comes with free items. The Advent calendar allows you to claim daily prizes. We also have daily free cues to get. The shop has a nice selection of holiday-themed premium items. Visit the shop if you want the Cherub’s cue or a vintage 2014 Christmas cue. You will also find cues that match the theme of other holidays, such as Saint Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, Ramadan, Cinco de Mayo, Easter, and more. If you are in need of coins, head to U7Buy and shop now for 8 Ball Pool coins!