Pool Cash is harder to obtain than coins, but it’s necessary for certain things in the game. So, here are some ways to get Pool Cash for free and how to spend it wisely.

8 Ball pool coins will help you play in tournaments and upgrade your items so that you can get more out of the game. Earning top items in the game and upgrading your cash flow can often mean starting with a bankroll of coins. Luckily, there are some spots online you can buy them at a discount.


Faster level ups will earn you more cash:


Firstly, leveling up gives you 1 Pool Cash each time. It might not sound like much, but it adds up over time. Playing in leagues is another way to earn Pool Cash. Winning several games per day can get you up to 50 Pool Cash. Additionally, Lucky Shot lets you win 5 Cash every day by landing the ball in the center area. Completing offers for other games is also a good way to earn Pool Cash.


If you’re looking to level up quickly, there are several ways to do so. One of the easiest ways to level up is to take advantage of the game’s loyalty system. The more you play, the more experience and rewards you’ll receive.


Buying coins in the game:


Another way to speed up your leveling up is to buy coins. With more coins, you can participate in high-level matches and compete against more experienced players to gain experience and receive great prizes. However, this option requires a budget, so it’s not ideal for everyone.

Tournament rewards:


Joining tournaments and clubs is another great way to level up quickly. These events offer great rewards for the most motivated players, so it’s worth trying to participate in as many as possible. Each tournament is different, but you can earn a lot of coins if you make it to the bottom of the tournament.


Don’t forget to take advantage of all the bonuses and rewards that the game offers on a daily basis. These include daily login bonuses and other rewards for participating in events or completing challenges. Lastly, Spin and Win is a great way to earn gold coins and experience without having to spend any of your own money.

Upgrading your cue


Now, let’s talk about how to spend your hard-earned Pool Cash. If you’re just starting, getting a good cue is essential, but don’t spend all your cash on it. Cues that you can buy with cash aren’t as good as Legendary Cues, which are the best in the game. So, after getting a decent cue, focus on getting Legendary Boxes. These boxes unlock Legendary Cues with a little bit of luck. Try to get the 3x offers for 43 Pool Cash, as it’s cheaper than getting them one-by-one.


In summary, getting Pool Cash in 8 Ball Pool can be challenging, but there are ways to earn it for free. Spending it wisely on Legendary Boxes is the best way to progress in the game. Good luck and have fun playing! Shop at U7BUY.com if you need some coins to get started with 8 Ball Pool.