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A new ‘Glitched 2’ Card Pack has just been added in NBA 23, and many surprise names have just cropped up from the latest promo in-game.


For one, current troubled player, Kemba Walker, has just been given a Diamond ‘Glitched’ Player Card for you to recruit him inside MT today.


Kemba Walker used to be amongst the finest PG/ SG in the NBA during his playing time with Charlotte Hornets between 2011 and 2019.


However, his career plummeted after a few discouraging injuries kept him side-lined and away from action after his transfers to Boston Celtics and New York Knicks.


Now without a club but still hoping to get his career back on track, this new player card is looking to prove that Kemba Walker still has what it takes to be amongst the best of the best.


Let’s take a look at Kemba Walker’s latest ‘Glitched’ Player Card right here:


(PG/SG) Kemba Walker’s Diamond ‘Glitched’ Player Card: OVR 93


  • Stamina (Athleticism): 98
  • Ball Handle (Playmaking): 96
  • Speed with Ball (Playmaking): 95
  • Hands (InsideScoring): 95
  • Offensive Consistency (Shooting): 95


Playing as a PG or SG, Walker is undeniably amazing from long range and fearsome in defence, enjoying impressive Badges like so:


  • Finishing
    • Acrobat (Gold)
    • Fast Twitch (Gold)
    • Fearless Finisher (Gold)
    • Giant Slayer (Gold)
    • Pro Touch (Gold)
    • Slithery (Silver)


  • Shooting
    • Blinders (Gold)
    • Catch and Shoot (Gold)
    • Clutch Shooter (Gold)
    • Deadeye (Gold)
    • Limitless Range (Gold)
    • Many more!


  • Playmaking
    • Hyper-drive (Hall of Fame)
    • Ankle Breaker (Gold)
    • Clamp Breaker (Gold)
    • Dimer (Gold)
    • Floor General (Gold)
    • A few others


  • Defensive
    • Clamps (Hall of Fame)
    • Glove (Hall of Fame)
    • Pick Dodger (Gold)
    • Ankle Braces (Gold)
    • Challenger (Gold)


If you’re a big fan of the 32-year old American basketball player, you can try adding him into your own MT squad by purchasing ‘Glitched 2’ Card Packs today.


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