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With new player ratings set to be introduced in NBA 23, new Badges are also being added as well, with some getting the boot to be replaced with a few updated ones very soon.




Badges are unique traits that the best basketball players have in NBA 2K games, especially in MT.


Badges are the difference between two (2) similar player archetypes inside the court, with some boasting offensive mentalities while others excel in defensive setups.


With news about NBA 23 coming in thick and fast following its approaching release next month, the game’s Badges are set to be changed from the previous game, NBA 22.


For one, Badges are now going to be separated into tiers, with lower tiered ones providing small boosts while better tiers offer more improvements.


Gone are the ‘metallic’ grades used in NBA 22 – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame.


Although specific details into the names of the tiers have yet to be identified, it is known that higher tiered Badges will require certain lower-tier Badges to be used first, meaning that every player will not be able to horde top-tier Badges only.


This makes the system balanced and fair, allowing better competition for you to enjoy MT once the game launches soon.


Right now, here’s what’s been shared to the world regarding the latest Badges to be added in NBA 23 – including those that are removed:





  • New Badges:
    • Slithery
      • Allows you to catch the ball easier through crowds of players.
    • Masher
      • Improves your ability to finish inside layups above nearby opponents.
    • Bully
      • Makes you strong enough to push others with ease for a finish.
    • Removed Badges:
      • Hook Specialist



  • New Badges:
    • Agent 3
      • Improved chances to score difficult 3-Point shots after dribbling.
    • Middy Magician
      • Able to pull off mid-range jumpers off the bounce or out of the post.
    • Amped
      • Lessens shooting penalties when your player is fatigued or dribbling before shooting.
    • Claymore
      • Makes your player better at knocking down jumpers, the longer they remain stationary before shooting.
    • Comeback Kid
      • Increases chances to score perimeter jumpers when the team is behind in a game.
    • Hand Down Man Down
      • Your long-shot player has better chances of scoring if an opponent fails to block his view before taking the shot.
    • Space Creator
      • Changed from Playmaking, you become better at step-back jumpers and hop shots, making tussling defenders stumble more often too.
    • Limitless Range
      • Shooting becomes more dangerous as you reach deeper at the edges of a 3-Point range.
    • Removed Badges:
      • Chef, Hot Zone Hunter, Lucky 7, Set Shooter, Sniper, Limitless Spot-Up


There will be more Badges coming up your way in Part 2, so stay tuned for that in the coming weeks before the launch of NBA 23.


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