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As NBA 2K22 continues to reveal more locker codes for you to enjoy in Season 2: Build Your Empire, one great addition boasts incredible player card opportunities to be grabbed, with ‘Pink Diamond’ Moses Malone being the prime player card to watch out for!




NBA 2K22 continues to receive exclusive new locker codes to help you out on your journey towards building the grandest superstar team in MyTeam (MT) mode.


Recently, a new locker code has just been added into the game, letting you test your chances of obtaining either an NBA Prime Time IV Pack or Glass Cleaner Badge Pack respectively.


If these fail to grab your attention, then consider that NBA Prime Time Pack offers a random selection of different MT Player Cards to be recruited for absolutely free!


The ultimate prize for the NBA Prime Time IV Pack is former Philadelphia 76ers’ Centre, Moses Malone!


If you are devilishly lucky, Moses Malone’s ‘Pink Diamond’ Player Card could be yours today!


Here’s a look at Malone’s grand new player card:


(C/ PF) Moses Malone’s ‘NBA Prime Time’ Player Card: OVR 95


  • Close Shot (Shooting): 96
  • Strength (Athleticism): 96
  • Offensive Consistency (Shooting): 95
  • Stamina (Athleticism): 95
  • Interior Defence (Defence): 94


Malone is an exceptional offensive player in the basketball court, always ready to swoop in for rebounds while also very quick and strong while on the move too!


Other notable player card rewards include:


  • (PF/ SF) Robert Covington: OVR 89
  • (PG/ SG) Lucius Allen: OVR 91
  • (PF/ SF) Nicolas Batum: OVR 93


Since this opportunity comes at no cost whatsoever, you have absolutely nothing to lose here!


The locker code in question can be seen here:




You need to be quick about it though, as the locker code will expire on 16th November 2021 (Tuesday) soon.


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