‘Era of Heroes’, the fifth season of NBA 2K21 MyTEAM, has just begun. This one brings news and free letters that we will analyze soon. In this article we wanted to highlight three of them above the others since they are well-known to the average basketball public. Let’s discover them.

Pau Gasol Opalo Galaxia. One of the star cards of Season 5 will be that of the Spanish pivot in his stage with the Los Angeles Lakers. With them he achieved his two NBA championships. In order to obtain it, we will have to obtain the five rings of the MyTEAM Limited game mode.

They will give us a ring for each week of Season 5. The first one will be available this weekend. For them we will have to win matches in this game mode with two restrictions when making our quintets:

  • The average of the players in our quintet must be 84 or less.
  • We will not be able to use Bronze, Silver or Free Agents cards.

LeBron James Sapphire. This will be the first card we will get during the ‘Age of Heroes’. We just have to access the game and claim the reward of level 1 of the season pass. The peculiarity of this card is that it will be evolutionary, that is, we can improve it to our liking as they take out different challenges in Season Agendas. We can take it from Sapphire to Diamond.

Michael Jordan Esmeralda. This last card is possible that many of you already have since it was given away in the middle of Season 3, but it is available again at the beginning of the fifth season. We refer to the Emerald letter from Michael Jordan. We will get it by entering the following dress code in the game: JORDAN-LAST-SHOT. With it we can overcome the Personal Challenge that honors the shot he made against the Utah Jazz in the 1998 season.

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