NBA Live 18 – How to Use the Face Scan Option

NBA Live 18 players have the option to use their own face as a model for their in-game character. To do so, they will first have to get the companion app. This free app is available for Android and iOS devices. Players can use the app in English but also in Spanish, Italian, French, and German. The app will automatically be set to the device’s language if it’s one of the supported languages. If the device is customized with an unsupported language, players will be prompted to choose one of the above options from a language select screen. The next step is to log into the app. Players will need to input their EA account details. For security reasons, players are advised to do this while on a trusted connection such as their password protected home Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection from their provider. Once players have logged into the app, they can start the face scan feature to create a digital model of themselves.

It will probably take a few tries to get a good scan. For the best results, players are advised to take the scan in a location that has plenty of light. After the scan is complete, it will need to be transferred to the game so it will be available next time players create a new character. Players don’t have to do anything during the transfer but wait. This may take a while. After this process has completed, players can use the scan in NBA Live 18. They must first navigate to The One menu and then choose the Create a Player option. They will see that scan and they will be able to select it. If players encounter errors with the companion app while using the face scan feature, they are encouraged to contact the customer support team. This can be done within the app. First players will tap the three horizontal lines Settings button and then select the Customer Support option. This will put them in contact with the support team.

So this is a small guide to let you know how to use the Face Scan option. Cheap NBA Live 18 Coins buying tips will be offered next time. Stay tuned to get more game information!

NBA 2K18 – How Many of These MyTeam League Leaders Have You Acquired Yet?

NBA 2K18 MyTeam gets more players with the new collection, League Leaders. Basketball player cards that are found in this collection have various uses. League Leaders collection is a great all-purpose collection that includes players like Fred Hoiberg and Michael Finley. The reward for collecting all players and completing the collection is the Baron Davis card. This is a ruby player. He began his NBA career in 1999 playing for the Charlotte Hornets. He switched multiple teams over the years and at the moment he is a free agent. He holds the record of being the NBA player with the most steals per match during the playoffs. In NBA 2K18 MyTeam, he is one of the best point guard players.

Bob Cousy is another ruby player that is part of this collection. He is one of the best Celtics players. His specialties are assists and ball handling. Michael Ray Richardson is a retired basketball player. His career highlights include most steals per match in the league. Another sapphire player is Michael Finley. He is also a retired player. In NBA 2K18, he is depicted as being part of the Dallas Mavericks. Before joining the Mavericks, he played for the Phoenix Suns. Dennis Rodman is a sapphire player. His in-game card shows him as being part of the San Antonio Spurs. He is one of the best rebounding players. Another sapphire player is Jose Calderon. Detroit Pistons fans will be happy to know that Calderon’s in-game card shows him as being part of this team. He is known for assists and free throws. Andrew Bogut is an emerald player that is with the Milwaukee Bucks. He got the most blocks per game in the league. In 2010, he was part of the All-NBA Third Team. Kyle Korver from the Philadelphia 76ers is another emerald player. One of his best stats is 3 point. Two gold players are part of this collection. Fred Hoiberg is a former Minnesota Timberwolves player. He had one of the best 3 point percentages. The other gold player is Daequan Cook from the Miami Heat team.

What do you think of these MyTeam League? How many have you acquired? Stay tuned with us for more game news and find the best site to buy NBA 2K18 MT online here.