NBA 2K20 – Don’t Forget To Complete Historic Spotlight Sim Challenges!

NBA 2K20 is a great alternative to watching the real NBA in these hard times. As we all know, the NBA season is on hold. Until it resumes, we can spend the time playing NBA 2K20 MyTeam. You will be glad to know that a new activity is available. Historic Spotlight Sim Challenges are inviting players to complete 150 challenges and to acquire 33 new player cards. This is a single player activity.

If you want to take part in it, first you need to open MyTeam and locate the Single Player menu. Find the option called challenges and select Historic Spotlight Sim Challenges. You can now start working towards getting your rewards. These challenges task players with completing games that honor some of the most memorable NBA moments. You will be reliving a part of NBA history and unlock some one of a kind rewards in the process.

Open the challenges menu within MyTeam and check out the activities available for each team. You will be getting several rewards and a big prize if you manage to complete all five challenges associated with a team. You will get a pink diamond card of a player that is part of that team.

Players get MT as a reward for completing the first four challenges. The first challenge has rookie difficulty, the second one is pro, the third is all-start, and the fourth is superstar.

The prizes are: 250MT for the first one, 500 for the second, 800 for the third, and 1,000 for the fourth. The grand prizes differ for each team challenge. The grand reward cards are: Dell Curry OVR 95, Chris Bosh OVR 98, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol OVR 98, and Kenny Smith OVR 95. Also, don’t forget to check the official NBA 2K20 MyTeam Twitter for a locker code that grants you a diamond contract and a pack.

You can choose between Deluxe League Moments Series 2 or Standard League Moments Series 1. This spotlight sim challenge is not the first activity of this type. If you complete this one and the previous challenge, you get an awesome reward. The galaxy opal Kobe Bryant card will be added to your roster. This card is part of the GOAT collection so you will not want to miss it.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

NBA 2K20 – Get Your Paul George PG4 Gatorade Sneakers

NBA 2K20 has teamed with Nike to run an event that allows players to get one of a kind sneakers. The special thing about this event is that the sneakers come in a physical edition. How many times did you look at MyPlayer’s gear wishing you had it as well? Now you have the chance to get some amazing Nike sneakers.

The shoes are called Nike PG4 Paul George Gatorade. We’re sure you know who Gatorade and Paul George are. The sports-themed beverage company has partnered with Nike and created these shoes that take inspiration from the new Gatorade Gx. They have the iconic Gatorade color blue. The designers also took Paul George’s style into consideration and incorporated elements of it into the sneakers. The laces are replaced by a zipper.

Nike PG4 Paul George sneakers look great and everyone wants a pair. Unfortunately, you need to be a United States resident to be eligible to take part in this event. You also need to be 13 years old. Minors need permission from parents or legal guardians. The third requirement is to have an Android or iPhone smart device with the SNKRS app. This is a Nike app that is available for free.

You also need to be an NBA 2K20 player but we have a hunch that you already meet this condition. What you need to do is to log into the game and head to the Neighborhood. Keep an eye out for PG4 x Gatorade GE billboards.

Open the SNKRS app on your phone and scan the billboard. You will then be granted access to get a pair of sneakers. This works in the same way as with the other Nike promotions that are part of this event. You get access that allows you to purchase a pair of sneakers. Only a limited number of shoes are available so not everyone gets the chance to obtain them. The game offers players a shot at getting some unique shoes. Also, note that you might be scanning the billboard and nothing happens. You will unlock the purchase only if you are eligible.

Supposing that you are and you followed the steps, you will be directed to a page that allows you to place an order for the sneakers. All this is done within the app. The promotion runs for one week. Good luck!

If you miss the opportunity to get the sneakers, don’t worry because MTStacks has many great deals for you that last longer than one week. Check out MTStacks NBA 2K store now!


(Contributed by Reda)